Daily Walking Towards Christ – 3/19

Did you know that the LORD knew you before we were even conceived? That
is how much He cares about us, He does not want us to be without. Did you
ever think that sometimes your LACKof something is God’s opportunity to
make something happen for you? We often get bent out of shape when things
are not going so well, when we see others making it. You say to yourself,“well,
they are Christian too, they just got.. Where is mine?” “I am trying to live right,
I am trying to read my Bible, why is it not happening for me?” These questions
come to all of our minds,no matter how SAVED folks think they are…

The answer is just hold on a little while longer, God will provide for you. It takes
awhile sometimes, but He waited on the right time, His time. Maybe you need
to learn some more before He gives it to you. Maybe you got one more test to
conquer. God never wantsto give you something and then you loose it
because you were not prepared. You arenext in line! It won’t be too much
longer. Focuson living right and treating peopleright. Focus on Praising God!
Prayand Press. You gonna make it becauseof the one who called you into
existence. God, in His awesomeness, will do it for you. No matter how long it
takes,keep holding on, keep pushing, keep pressing, keep fighting….the fightis
fixed! Don’tever think The Lord wants you to fail or haveno hope. He brings
LIFE,He lovesus and thinks nothing but good thoughtsabout us. This is
important to keep in mind. Everyday is a battle sometimes, but it is won! Don’t
let the enemy comein and steal your hope, your peace, your assurance that that
our God never fails. He will come through! Havea great Tuesday!

Jeremiah 29:11 |New King JamesVersion (NKJV)

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,says theLORD, thoughts of
peace and not not of evil,to give you a future and a hope.


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