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How to Drop Dead Weight

Types of dead weight:

  • Church hurt
  • Hurt from your past relationships to include but not limited to family
  • Hurt from current relationships, to include but not limited to family
  • Holding on to guilt when you’re not doing whatever made you guilty in the first place anymore
  • Holding on to vices (sins) that continue to defeat you; they have you repeating generational curses
  • Having been delivered from someone or something but returning back to it, thus making that which you returned to even harder to let go: examples are drug addiction, lust, premarital sex that yields to soul ties, alcoholism, adultery…
  • Letting people hold you hostage by bringing up what you used to do and who you used to be but you’ve since changed for the better
  • Letting others convince you that you’re not worth love, protection, and peace
  • Convincing yourself that you can’t quit a bad habit
  • Refusing to let go of a bad habit but pretending to be delivered. Deliverance is life changing, a lifestyle modification
  • Convincing yourself that God doesn’t love you and wouldn’t accept you back again when you truly have come to a state of repentance; repentance is a lifestyle, it’s NOT doing what you said you’re going to let go
  • Letting other people control you; letting bad thoughts take up residence in your mind
  • Allowing other to manipulate you into abuse
  • Repeating cycles, generational curses that were brought to destroy your destiny and distract your from exercising your rights as God’s Child, Joint Heir with Jesus Christ

People of Jehovah Nissi, The Lord My Banner

The Lord fights for you! The Lord is your banner! A banner is used to announce something. We often find banners that display company signs; banners are a visual representation of a company.

A banner is like unto a stamp or seal of ownership and/approval. The company’s name shows ownership and establishment by displaying a sign (banner) to let you know who they are. A name can show authority. Stamped on every Believer of God is CALLED but a few are termed CHOSEN because they’re decided to die to themselves, taking up their cross and choosing oneself to be subject to the obedience to God.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines banner in numerous ways but the one that stands out to me happens to the that speaks about a synonym of the word banner which is “ensign.” To ensign something means to give it authority or rank. In fact, Dictionary.com says that ensign means “a badge of office or authority.”

What am I saying? God made His People who are called by His Name to have authority to bind the hand of the enemy, to cancel every work of the enemy, to bind bad thoughts, strip away toxic relationships, cast out anything that tries to exalt itself before Him.

Therefore, when knowing whose you are, you’re able to understand and grow in wisdom and knowledge, in efforts that God has full reign to do with you as He promised, as He has destined.

You do not have to remain the same! You can remove any stronghold (weight) in your life. You can love God effectively by understanding how to treat yourself and how to treat others.

God desires your life! God wants to give you something new but you can’t receive it because you’re holding on to dead weight.

Release it so that God can restore unto you everything that was stolen by the enemy through people, places, and/or things!

Be resolved in your heart and in your mind. Use the authority that God has given you to overcome all manner of evil. Let God have it! Lose the weight!

I hope that this short message has empowered and inspired you to let go of it and give it to Christ so that you can be renewed and walk in the newness of Light!

Declare no more weight! I’m letting it go! I can’t move forward because my past is still my present! I must allow Christ room to rebuild me! I will NEVER be the same again!

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Principles Made Simple: You can’t take my testimony!

Listen, People of God

Since God is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end

Since God gave David the Word that we are walking through the valley, that God’s rod and His staff would comfort us…that’s in the interim (interim meaning right in the middle of your circumstance, your dilemma, your trial).

I hear The Lord saying, “I love you and I’m with you, even if you can’t see me moving, I’m working on your case, I’ve settled the cost, I made the provisions!”

God said, “I have plans for your life, it’s an expected end” – Expected implies that He is with us through it and will deliver us out of it! Expected says to me, “Erica, He’s God, no one else can beat Him. The enemy can’t take your testimony! Let the redeemed of The Lord say so!

Testify of His goodness today! Share your testimonies. Yeah, it may be hard, but you’re still here! Yes, money is tight, but you’re still eating! You will LIVE! You will LIVE!

Today’s Scriptures:

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11 NIV | New International Version

Psalm 23:4 NIV | New International Version

Even though I walk
    through the darkest valley,[a]
I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.

When Faith is Focused

The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy about how his faith should be operable within his conscience as this will ensure that he stays on the path that Christ has laid out for him.  Thus, Paul is very clear as to the fact that our conscience will steer us in the wrong direction when faith isn’t our focus. 

Therefore, faith, as explained in Hebrews 11, is the evidence of things in which we cannot see but that we believe will be and is right now. It’s about speaking things into existence even when they cannot be seen by the earthly eye.  

It’s a Spiritual prescription for eyesight that will manifest things into being because of who God is in our lives and it’s about his infinite-self. You see if we can believe it within our minds, where our conscience lives, it’s because our hearts have manifested that concept into a live thing which then gives off the evidence of life, that is, light. 

The more we control our conscience, the more we’re able to see the plan that God has predestined for us to win, to be victorious and not to fall victim to anything or anyone. It’s when our conscience is clear of deceit, hurt, malice, envy, judgmental behaviors, arrogance which is lack thereof in maturity, we’re able to take God’s Word, which is life and allow it to penetrate our very being in that everything we speak, everything we think, is evidence of faith over fear.  

This post is to remind you that you must bring your mind under submission to God’s authority. You must take control of those bad thoughts and bad behaviors so that your conscience solidifies what it means to be whole, complete, delivered, made anew.  What’s on your mind begs the question then to what’s on your conscience? 

Dear God, Your People are here to let you know that we want more of You. We want and need that our consciences are brought under submission to Your will and Your way for our lives. We know that to have this cleared conscience we will be delivered and Your anointing will follow us and we are this protected because we’ve given our wills over for Yours.

Help us, Lord, to live in The Spirit and by The Spirit, as Your Word declares. We want to be better in word, thought, and deed. My prayer is that Your People fall before you as I’m bowed before You so that we receive everything that’s needed to keep our minds stayed on You for we know that’s where the peace dwells. We want to dwell in Your presence, always, not just sometimes.

Our faith is focused and we’re being changed because of it. This prayer is signed, sealed, and delivered to You through Jesus The Christ, Amen for The Father, Amen for The Son, and Amen for The Holy Spirit.

E. Nelson

Today’s Scripture:

1 Timothy 1:18-19 | God’s Word Translation (GWT)

18 Timothy, my child, I’m giving you this order about the prophecies that are still coming to you: Use these prophecies in faith and with a clear conscience to fight this noble war. 19 Some have refused to let their faith guide their conscience and their faith has been destroyed like a wrecked ship.[c]

Carving Out Time for Christ #perfectingourfaith

Philippians 1:6 Amplified Bible (AMP)I am convinced and confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will [continue to] perfect and complete it until the day of Christ Jesus [the time of His return].

The Apostle Paul was convinced that, without doubt, Christ would bring assurance with every act of love and kindness towards us. This is the case today. Nothing has changed. God’s Will is done in our lives! God knew you and I before we were even formed in our mother’s womb. There’s nothing that escapes Him.

What He started, He will finish! He’s making us better. He’s molding us through every life experience. We don’t always understand His Will at the time that the situation arises; it’s somewhere in the middle to end of the circumstance that we begin to gain an understanding of why something took place. Sometimes God will allow something to happen to you so that He can show you how He has all power and can do what is seemingly impossible.

What if we took more time sitting at Christ’s feet to learn about Him, thus allowing Him to reveal to us things about ourselves, to gain clarity and insight?

What if we put our phones down for at least 30 minutes a day and use that time to communicate to Christ through prayer, praise and worship? What do you think the impact would be if we said no to going out and instead we stay in to do some Biblical studying?

The more time we dedicate to Christ, the more we are perfected. The more time that we dedicate to Christ, the less time the enemy can run circles around us trying to trap us in lack of faith; the more we become positioned to win the fight set before us.

Take some time during the rest of the week to give Christ more time. I guarantee the return on investment!

E. Nelson

Worn Out, Still Got #FAITH

God, I’m worn out sometimes, well it feels that way. Waiting on God to do His thing in my life is a struggle sometimes. Waiting strengthens our souls and equips us with the Yes we need to give unto God.

(Just think, I wrote this blog post in 2014 and now it still applies) – A Heavy Reminder! All that God has done since 2014, all the ways that He’s made out of no way! All the bridges He made so that I could get to my blessings! Everything that He’s supplied!

His promises have and will always be YES & AMEN concerning His children!

The question is do you believe God? Yes, God I believe! I survived because of you! I’m alive because Your Promises must be fulfilled towards me, towards us! Thank You, Oh Lord! The opportunity to give you thanks is a privilege!

God is saying: Pick your head up! Look up! Whatever you need, God is going to do it when you believe that He can do anything but fail! You’re a victor and not a victim! What will you believe God for? Don’t delay your blessings because you lack the faith it takes for it to be released from the Spirit Realm unto you!

What got you worrying? Release it to The Lord! Give it over to The Master! He will turn your sorrow into long-lasting joy!

Today’s Scriptures:

I am worn out waiting for your rescue,
but I have put my hope in your word. Psalm 119:81
New Living Translation (NLT)

2 Corinthians 1:20 New International Version “For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God.”

Joshua 23:14 NIV
“Now I am about to go the way of all the earth. You know with all your heart and soul that not one of all the good promises the Lord your God gave you has failed. Every promise has been fulfilled; not one has failed.

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