How to Drop Dead Weight

Types of dead weight:

  • Church hurt
  • Hurt from your past relationships to include but not limited to family
  • Hurt from current relationships, to include but not limited to family
  • Holding on to guilt when you’re not doing whatever made you guilty in the first place anymore
  • Holding on to vices (sins) that continue to defeat you; they have you repeating generational curses
  • Having been delivered from someone or something but returning back to it, thus making that which you returned to even harder to let go: examples are drug addiction, lust, premarital sex that yields to soul ties, alcoholism, adultery…
  • Letting people hold you hostage by bringing up what you used to do and who you used to be but you’ve since changed for the better
  • Letting others convince you that you’re not worth love, protection, and peace
  • Convincing yourself that you can’t quit a bad habit
  • Refusing to let go of a bad habit but pretending to be delivered. Deliverance is life changing, a lifestyle modification
  • Convincing yourself that God doesn’t love you and wouldn’t accept you back again when you truly have come to a state of repentance; repentance is a lifestyle, it’s NOT doing what you said you’re going to let go
  • Letting other people control you; letting bad thoughts take up residence in your mind
  • Allowing other to manipulate you into abuse
  • Repeating cycles, generational curses that were brought to destroy your destiny and distract your from exercising your rights as God’s Child, Joint Heir with Jesus Christ

People of Jehovah Nissi, The Lord My Banner

The Lord fights for you! The Lord is your banner! A banner is used to announce something. We often find banners that display company signs; banners are a visual representation of a company.

A banner is like unto a stamp or seal of ownership and/approval. The company’s name shows ownership and establishment by displaying a sign (banner) to let you know who they are. A name can show authority. Stamped on every Believer of God is CALLED but a few are termed CHOSEN because they’re decided to die to themselves, taking up their cross and choosing oneself to be subject to the obedience to God.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines banner in numerous ways but the one that stands out to me happens to the that speaks about a synonym of the word banner which is “ensign.” To ensign something means to give it authority or rank. In fact, says that ensign means “a badge of office or authority.”

What am I saying? God made His People who are called by His Name to have authority to bind the hand of the enemy, to cancel every work of the enemy, to bind bad thoughts, strip away toxic relationships, cast out anything that tries to exalt itself before Him.

Therefore, when knowing whose you are, you’re able to understand and grow in wisdom and knowledge, in efforts that God has full reign to do with you as He promised, as He has destined.

You do not have to remain the same! You can remove any stronghold (weight) in your life. You can love God effectively by understanding how to treat yourself and how to treat others.

God desires your life! God wants to give you something new but you can’t receive it because you’re holding on to dead weight.

Release it so that God can restore unto you everything that was stolen by the enemy through people, places, and/or things!

Be resolved in your heart and in your mind. Use the authority that God has given you to overcome all manner of evil. Let God have it! Lose the weight!

I hope that this short message has empowered and inspired you to let go of it and give it to Christ so that you can be renewed and walk in the newness of Light!

Declare no more weight! I’m letting it go! I can’t move forward because my past is still my present! I must allow Christ room to rebuild me! I will NEVER be the same again!

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Author: Erica Nelson

I am a sinner saved by God's grace. I do not profess to be anything more. My purpose in life is to "Empowering People To Get From Where They Are To Where They're DESTINED." There is no other way but through Jesus Christ, the shedding of His blood for us. I am moved to encourage people to want to use God's Word as their instruction manual in life. As I grow in the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of His Divine plan for my life, I pray I can be a blessing to you. Peace and Blessings, Erica Nelson Leader, Passion4People Ministries Incorporated

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