Pray, Pray and Pray some more

Today we need to pray for others. So much is going on these days. We need to pray for more than just ourselves and our family. Reach out and pray with someone today for their families. Its not all about you. pray for this world. Tragedy seems common these days. We need Our Savior to bring comfort and peace in the midst of the storms. Pray Gods strength and His shield. We do know that in life there are going to be difficult situations. But we also know that with God as the captain, He is able to steer us through rough seasons and bring us to better days. Pray for someone today. Love someone today. You do not have to be family to pray for someone. Pray for your family in Christ.

Bless you.


Author: Erica Nelson

I am a sinner saved by God's grace. I do not profess to be anything more. My purpose in life is to "Empowering People To Get From Where They Are To Where They're DESTINED." There is no other way but through Jesus Christ, the shedding of His blood for us. I am moved to encourage people to want to use God's Word as their instruction manual in life. As I grow in the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of His Divine plan for my life, I pray I can be a blessing to you. Peace and Blessings, Erica Nelson Leader, Passion4People Ministries Incorporated

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